We buy gold & diamonds. Call us (480) 994 - 1267
We buy gold & diamonds. Call us (480) 994 - 1267

About Us

For years, MOORE & MORE Jewelry Designs has provided clients with stunning creations, unsurpassed in beauty or quality. The success of our business has been a result of our commitment to providing the best possible value at competitive pricing. We want our customers to feel comfortable with purchasing a diamond or colored gemstone piece, so we offer a broad range of choices to fit any budget. When the time comes for an engagement ring, anniversary gift or any other special occasion piece, we’ll do our very best to find it or create it. We don’t just sell jewelry; we sell happiness!

Purchasing or Upgrading Diamonds

When you’re ready to purchase a diamond, there are many variables to consider, such as color and clarity grade, shape and size. We want you to have the prettiest diamond imaginable and we’re confident we can find the perfect stone for you! We offer GIA certified diamonds as a first choice; however, we can also provide alternative choices such as EGL certified, Clarity Enhanced or estate diamonds.

Perhaps you’d like to upgrade your diamond engagement ring or stud earrings… simply bring them in and we’ll discuss your options regarding trading up or purchasing. We can also give you ideas for designing a new piece for your original stones and create it for you!

We prefer to offer GIA certified diamonds as a first choice because the Gemological Institute of America employs the most stringent laboratory guidelines worldwide. We can also provide alternative choices such as EGL certified, Clarity Enhanced or estate diamonds. Additionally, we sell only conflict free diamonds which adhere to the guidelines set by the United Nations, through the Kimberley Accord Process.

Jewelry Repair

MOORE & MORE Jewelry Designs offers expert jewelry repairs, including diamond setting, ring sizing, prong replacement, full or half-shanks and fingermates. We also offer bracelet and necklace repair as well as pearl restringing. Bracelets can usually be made longer or shorter and rings can be sized up or down to fit. We can provide an estimate prior to any work being done.”

Jewelry Appraisals

We provide an appraisal with every piece of jewelry we sell or create, at no additional cost to you. We photograph, weigh, measure and document the fine details, so you know precisely what you’ve purchased. This document is necessary for insurance claims and we’ll update your appraisal as the value of your piece increases.


We Buy Diamonds, Gold and Platinum

Bring in your outdated, mismatched and broken jewelry and we’ll purchase it on the spot! Empty out your jewelry box…yellow and white gold or platinum… it doesn’t matter if it’s damaged or has gemstones in it. Even if you’re not sure what it is, bring it in and we’ll test it for you. We’ll even take the value of your scrap and apply it towards a new piece of jewelry or redesigning an outdated item. What can be better than that?